2022 Winter Olympic outerwear list

There’s a lot of nice winter outerwear being worn at this year’s winter Olympics and here are some of the ones I were able to identify by brand, and perhaps some more specifically to what model type.

This list is not complete of course as I was not able to find too much information on others. Also the outfits worn during the opening ceremony are not necessarily the regular ones they wear normally .

There were some surprises, such as Canada opting for Lululemon as their supplier, and Sweden continuing with Uniqlo again.

Do you have any favorites?

– Lululemon

– Anta

– Adidas

– Ben Sherman, although they use puffer jackets elsewhere

– Puma

– Descente


– The North Face

– The North Face

– Zasport

– Uniqlo

– Polo Ralph Lauren

2022 Winter Olympic outerwear list