Arterton Garment Bag Review

Full disclosure: Arterton sent me this bag in return for a review. William from Arterton ran this by the mods here to make sure it’s okay that I post this. I am however fully free to write honestly and am under no obligation to ensure that the review is positive.

Background: I only travel with a suit maybe 4 times a year, but so far I have always used the garment bag that came with the suit from Suit Supply. It’s obvious however that this is not a permanent solution: The cheap plastic textile around the zipper is fraying and this makes it difficult to open and close the bag. I anticipate the zipper will separate from the bag well before the suit pants wear out. But I also never got around to looking into a more permanent means to transport my suits. Lucky for me, Arterton reached out to me right before I begin travelling for work again.

The material: The material and construction of both the leather handle and the waxed canvas feel premium and durable. The metal components feel substantial. I especially like the thick, heavy duty zipper, as I find this is often the weakest link on otherwise well constructed bags. The canvas looks like it will age gracefully with wear. The bag is made in China and the leather handle is made in England.

Color: Compared to the pictures on the website, the racer green is more subtle than I expected. This is a good thing in my opinion. My only complaint regarding the bag would be that it would be nice to have an exterior pocket to store ties.

Price: With a handle, the bag costs 169 to 179 pounds depending on whether one takes the regular or the large version.

*Would I buy this garment bag if I was in the market for a garment bag?:*

Yes. I did about 15 minutes of Googling to get an idea of the competition. In my brief search, the garment bags I saw in the same price range as Arterton are were not nearly as attractive. They tend to look similar to the bag I use to transport my infant’s diapers. There were some polyester bags as low as 60 euros that would do the job, but again, these were not beautiful and I cannot imagine the hardware is likely to be all that durable. Alternatively, I quite like the look of the Filson suit cover, but at least here in Europe, it’s around 3 times the price of the Arterton equivalent. For sartorially-minded customers with a nice suit collection or just someone who travels a lot for work, I do not think this bag is an unreasonable luxury. I imagine it will outlive all my suits and it will remain in good shape for decades.

My only small complaint the bag would be that it would be nice to have some additional pockets. Simply space for a tie would be convenient.

I hope Arterton expands their product line in the future to include duffle bags using the same material. I could imagine getting a lot of use out of such a bag.

Arterton Garment Bag Review