I Spent $1500 on Hoodies and Here is What I Learned

Finally back with the promised hoodie comparison. If you guys haven’t caught the ones prior, this is where I go out and spend a stupid amount of money on one type of clothing in order to find where the sweet spot lies in terms of price vs quality. I really enjoy putting these together and reading/replying to all the comments. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one just as much as the , , and ones I did a while back.

The comments in the last post helped me pick the ones to feature this time around. I’m thinking about doing white leather sneakers next but am open to suggestions. Common Projects are a must in this and have been my go to but let me know what other ones to check out.

For reference, I’m 5’10”, 175-180 lbs. These are all a small or medium. I went off the measurements on the size charts.

# :

As always, 90% of the info is here but if you want to see a quality video review with more shots of the hoodies and how they fit. I’ve linked the 15 minute video here.

None of that typical in your face type content but some quality stuff that takes a bit to produce. The joggers, polo, and t-shirts ones are also in the library somewhere so feel free to check those out.

# Introduction:

Hoodies don’t really need much of an introduction but I’ve been wearing the same two for ages now and decided it was time to upgrade so naturally, spending nearly $1500 on different kinds was the only reasonable way to do so. I tested 7 of these to figure out which is the best hoodie on the market and which of these is the best value for money. We’re going to be looking at how each of these fit, the fabric, the construction and then my overall thoughts.

I know dropping this in the middle of what feels like is the hottest summer to date isn’t the smartest but the off season is the best time to buy to get some of these pieces at competitive prices.

# Champion:

First up we have the Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie. This is the OG of hoodies as Champion is credited for inventing them in the 1930s.

* **Fit**:
* This hoodie is a boxy, oversized fit. Although it’s been tweaked since, it was designed to go over football pads in the 1930s. The arms leave a lot of room both in width and in length as you guys can tell by the all bunching. The slight drop shoulder makes it feel nice and relaxed allowing plenty of mobility without feeling like you’re swimming in fabric. The length of the hoodie hits mid crotch and leaves plenty of room in both the chest and stomach area.
* **Fabric**:
* The fabric is super thick at 12 ounces and almost coarse feeling when you first unbox it. It feels like a proper old school hoodie. The interior is made of a super soft brushed fleece that does a better job than most at staying that way after being washed. The lining does have a tendency of leaving lint all over whatever you’re wearing under it so might be something to take into account if you’re taking your hoodie on and off frequently.
* **Construction**:
* This hoodie is built okay with a ton of loose threads but that’s to be expected. I would say the ribbing details are the stars of the construction. They’re very thick and sturdy. It is seen on the cuff, on the bottom hem, and on the sides. They are nice and tight on the cuff which allow them to stack well on your wrists but are a pain to roll up if you want to wash your hands without getting your hand wet. The drawstrings are hit or miss depending on your preference. While I like a clean finish, I can respect the decision to go with the frayed ends to play into that old school, vintage vibe the hoodie has. The fabric having polyester which has a tendency to piling over time and a few washes.
* **Thoughts:**
* Overall I’m impressed, at $60 it provides a lot of quality for the value and is regularly seen on sale closer to $40. I wish there was a version that had less branding but it’s nothing I can’t live with.

# American Giant:

Next up we have American Giant’s Classic Pullover hoodie in Agave Green in a size medium. Right off the bat, this thing oozes quality but more on that later. I wasn’t familiar with this brand until I started doing research for this video but I’m glad I found it. It’s a Silicon Valley based company that was started to make clothes how they used to be made with a mission to make it all in the States.

* **Fit:**
* The fit on the pullover is similar to champion but slightly slimmer. The length of the hoodie is longer and hits the lower crotch when pulled down all the way. The hood on it is massive which I personally love, especially when you’re trying to take a quick nap but it may be annoying to some. The neckline is fairly wide and deep compared to the rest which makes it super easy to get on and off and gives you that pop of contrast with whatever shirt you’re wearing underneath. Where the Champion was a baggy fit, I’d categorized American Giant as a relaxed.
* **Fabric:**
* The 100% ring spun cotton is nice and soft. It’s a hefty hoodie with its 13 oz fabric. The interior features a weird lining that’s not quite terry but not quite fleece. It’s almost a combination of both that provides the softness of fleece but without the shedding.
* **Construction:**
* This thing is constructed like a tank. The panelling on this hoodie is form meets function at its best. The panels on the elbow make this hoodie feel bulletproof. I really like the wide cuffs and waistband that is tight enough to stay put but not restricting when you choose to roll up your sleeves. The metal tipped drawstrings give is expected at this price point and gives it a clean look.
* **Thoughts:**
* American Giant definitely lived up to the expectations. I typically throw this one on on colder days when I know I’ll be outside often. At $120, it’s pricey but I think the cost per wear on this one is going to be super low considering it’s built to last a lifetime. I’ve read good things about their customer service and their willingness to replace pieces if anything goes wrong. American Giant has a 20% off promo with email sign up to help a bit with the price. At under $100, it makes it super competitive.

# Reigning Champ:

Reigning Champ is always in discussion whenever the words “best hoodie” are tossed around. The Canadian company makes the Midweight Terry Pullover Hoodie in Vancouver. It’s a Reddit favorite so I was stoked to get it in and give it a shot. I got a medium in this khaki colorway.

* **Fit**
* I would classify this as a fitted hoodie. Not skin tight but theres minimal excess fabric throughout. The length of this hoodie hits upper to mid crotch and the hood is a normal size. I don’t think theres much room to layer a sweater under this but it works perfectly with the t-shirts that I normally wear. Look into sizing up if you want more of the classic slouchy fit but I went true to size so this hoodie could look good dressed up.
* **Fabric**
* There are four different fabric textures on this, the main body of the hoodie is a smooth cotton, the cuffs, waistband, and sides are a ribbed elastic, the inner is terry, and the inside of the hood is tightly ribbed but not elastic material. The fabric is 100% preshrunk cotton and hasn’t piled one bit since I received it.
* **Construction**
* This hoodie is built well with minimal loose threads or other signs of poor workmanship. The flat lock seams give this a deconstructed look and help differentiate the paneling. Some edges of the seams are distressed slightly. The flat tonal drawstrings don’t stand out much giving it a more minimal feel.
* **Thoughts**
* This is another really good hoodie especially if you’re slimmer and taller. I personally gravitate to this one for chillier indoor spaces and it’s one of my go to’s for spring and fall. At the end of the day it’s a really really good basic but coming in at $145 I think the Asket hoodie may be a better value for a similar hoodie.

# Asket:

Swedish based company, Asked is a favorite of mine and I love what they’re doing in terms of sustainability in fashion. Their basics are unmatched for the most part and I was excited to get this in. The hoodie is made entirely in Portugal and comes 4 colors. This is the Dark Navy Hoodie in a size medium comes in at $120.

* **Fit**
* This hoodie is on the slimmer end but not excessively so. I’d say it’s similar to the reigning champ one. The sleeves hit perfectly for me but the length is a tad short landing at the upper crotch. Asket does offer fifteen size combinations ranging from XS to XL and a pick from short, regular or long for length. I’m assuming Asket’s goal was to make this hoodie suited for wearing out versus lounging in hence the fit. You won’t be looking underdressed on your night out when you pair this hoodie with light wash or grey jeans.
* **Fabric**
* The fabric is unbrushed giving the 100% organic cotton a chance to shine. The inner features a french terry or loopback as Asket like to call it.
* **Construction**
* The lack of front pocket gives this hoodie a minimal look. I like the look but I find myself instinctively trying to put my phone or wallet in that pocket when I’m out only to be reminded it doesn’t exist. The drawstrings feature a herringbone pattern and are capped with heavy metal tips which ooze quality. The cuffs and hem are made of two layers making them secure but still allowing a but of give to roll your sleeves up.
* **Thoughts**
* Asket was out to make an elevated, understated hoodie which they did a good job of accomplishing. The lack of pocket, the way it fits, and the colors show that this hoodie is more at home at Sunday brunch than lounging around at home. It comes in at $120 before shipping but I like what it offers. If you’re not into the streetwear or oversized look when you wear a hoodie out, the Asket one provides a dapper alternative.

# Lady White Co:

I was able to get my hands on two of their hoodies in a size medium: The Classic Fit Hoodie and the Super Weighted Hoodie. While the classic fit one was super nice, I want to focus this review on this weighted one in the deep cement colorway. Lady White Co is an American company that makes everything in Los Angeles.

* **Fit**
* This hoodie has that trendy oversized but cropped feel to it. However, they aren’t as short as most cropped hoodies as the length lands upper to mid crotch. They give it that cropped look by making the kangaroo pocket super tall, the top of which almost hits my chest. By using Raglan sleeves, you also get that drop shoulder look without there actually being a shoulder seam. Theres a fine line where oversized fits start looking slouchy but Lady White Co tip toes it perfectly. I really like the look and fit and it’s great for joggers and denim looks.
* **Fabric**
* This hoodie has an 18oz heavyweight ringspun fabric with a french terry inner. It’s warm when you need it to be but the lack of fleece means you won’t be sweating if you wear it in between seasons. The outer is smooth to the touch it being 100% cotton it shouldn’t pile. It’s stiff when you first get it but it gets softer the more you wear it.
* **Construction**
* My favorite thing about this hoodie is the way it’s built. Every stitch is impeccable but I especially love the overlocked edge on the hood. It’s a subtle detail but it makes it look so much cleaner.
* **Thoughts**
* It might be the simplest hoodie here but it’s done extremely well. Coming in at $220 it’s pricey for sure, but if this lasts me 10 years then I don’t mind spending $22 a year to enjoy a hoodie that fits well and is constructed to perfection.

## John Elliott:

John Elliott is an American designer who is known for his high end, minimal streetwear. The Villain Hoodie is likely JE’s most popular item and was all the rage in 2016 when a ton of celebrities were seen wearing it. I remember wanting this in college but didn’t have that kind of money to spend on clothes so getting this in was exciting for me.

* **Fit**
* I got this one off one of John Elliott’s sample sales in a size 3 which is equivalent to a large. I didn’t have a chance to try it on but every review I read said these fit pretty snug so I’m really glad I sized up. The medium would have been skin tight considering the large fits “normal”. This hoodie is super long hitting my upper quads. The chest is roomy but the stomach area is a bit slim with the zippers almost all the way down. You could always unzip the sides a bit too allow a bit more room if needed but you can’t really go too high without it starting to look funny.
* **Fabric**
* The fabric on the hoodie is super soft but is the most lightweight of the bunch we have here.
* **Construction**
* This hoodie is made entirely in Los Angeles and the finishing is superb. The trademark feature of this are the two RiRi zippers on the sides. Just zipping them up and down is super satisfying but they give you the added bonus of loosening or tightening the stomach area. The hidden pockets are also a cool feature but I don’t find myself using them often since you have to pull the zips up to access them. The hood on this is short and wide causing it to look conical once you actually put it up.
* **Thoughts**
* Although this hoodie is quite dated in terms of style, it felt wrong leaving it off the list just because of how widespread it was just a few years ago. It’s a bit too streetwear for me but I can respect it for what it is. John Elliott did give this a $50 price bump recently with no added features. It’s 268 at retail but a quick google search will show you options as low as 80 from sites like Saks Off Fifth and Nordstrom but even then I’m not sure if it’s worth it unless you really want the aesthetic.

## Saint Laurent:

Alrighty, we’re jumping all the way up to $850 for this Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Hoodie. This is practically a uniform for celebrities at the airport but is it worth the price and the hype? To be transparent I bought this one second hand for $250 off of Grailed and opted for a size large.

* **Fit**
* Saint Laurent in general tends to fit much slimmer than most other brands and this hoodie is no exception. I had to size up but even then it fits like a very slim medium. I would go up one or two sizes but try to go into a store and try one on if possible. The arms and overall length are both fairly long.
* **Fabric**
* This is also a 100% cotton hoodie with a coarse terry on the inside. It’s a great year round hoodie that is a good balance between being thin and keeping you warm.
* **Construction**
* My initial thoughts were “wow, this is super similar to Asket” in terms of construction, everything from the fabric to the metal tips to the cuffs were very similar. The cuffs and hem are also tighter on the Saint Laurent compared to the Asket. The placement of the kangaroo pocket is fairly low and gives the illusion of a longer torso. The reason this hoodie cost so much is for this screen printed logo. That being said I like the how its minimal enough for most people not to notice but if you know, you know.
* **Thoughts**
* Unless you want a designer hoodie for the flex, I’d skip this one personally. The Asket hoodie gives you 95% of what this one offers and you can get one in each color and still have nearly $400 left over. If you really want the hoodie and want to save some money, sites like Grailed and Saint Laurent facebook groups have them for around 3-400.

# Summary:

Seven hoodies later let’s wrap it up. None of these were a bad purchase and I think design will play a huge roll as to what people end up choosing. If I were to just rank these for what I gravitate to the most, I’d give Lady White Co the top prize, and tie Asket and American Giant for second because I genuinely can’t decide between the two. The Asket is my go to for wearing out but the American Giant is super comfortable and great with athleisure looks. Champion would get my third spot, followed by Reigning Champ, John Elliot and Saint Laurent. Only reason I ranked Reigning Champs so low was because I couldn’t justify it at $145 when Asket gives you the same package at $25 less. Keeping budget in mind, although Champion gives you everything you need at $60, if you have the means, splurge a bit and get the American Giant. With the 20% code they provide for email sign ups, the price comes down to $96. For roughly $40 more, I think it will hold up twice as long and the fabric is twice as good.

I found that I wear the Asket and YSL one when I go out to eat for a casual lunch or dinner and I wear the Lady White Co, American Giant, and Champion ones more on athleisure fits.

# TLDR/Overall Rank if You Just Want the Best:

2. and

# Budget Friendly Ranking:

1. American Giant – 20% sign up takes it down to under $100. I think it’s worth the splurge at that price since it’ll last a lot longer than Champion and American Giant stands behind their products.
2. Champion – if the logo doesn’t bother you, you can get 3-4 of these depending on if they’re on sale for the price of one American Giant one.
3. Asket
4. Reigning Champ — Asket is cheaper and provides very similar value
5. John Elliott
6. Saint Laurent – overpriced but you pay for the logo

Obviously, this is just my personal opinion based off what I look for. Your order could be the complete opposite and that’s okay. Any of these are a solid pick. I’m not expert and just sharing thoughts based on what I like and what I look for. Hope this was somewhat helpful!

I Spent $1500 on Hoodies and Here is What I Learned