MFA Spring 2022 30×30 Remix Challenge Announcement: April 1 -30

Hey guys, the **Spring 2022 30×30 Remix Challenge** is coming up! I’ve copied almost all of this

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose 30 articles of clothing that you currently own. Shoes count, but accessories, workout clothes, underwear, pajamas, etc do not. Outerwear is up to you.
2. Wear only these items for 30 days.
3. Take a photo every day.
4. Don’t buy anything new during this time.

Step 4 is optional, as is the notion of actually creating 30 different outfits .

What’s the point? Well, that’s up to you. Some of the reasons you might want to try this include…

* To get a better sense of your style by noticing what you gravitate toward when forced to pare your wardrobe down to a small collection
* To identify true gaps and mismatches between your wardrobe and lifestyle needs
* Or perhaps, to identify redundancies in your wardrobe as part of a longer term effort to simplify and streamline
* To stimulate creativity and experimentation
* To learn to enjoy and appreciate the possibilities within what you have, and quell the constant pursuit of *more* for accumulation’s sake

**Key dates:**

* Tue, 2022-03-29: Post your items and discuss.
* Fri, 2022-04-01: Start the challenge!
* Tue, 2022-05-03: Post your photos. Reflect. Enjoy.

We will likely have one discussion thread about halfway through to discuss progress to date and offer inspiration and advice.

Up for it? Share below what you hope to accomplish… and if you’ve participated before, are there any changes you plan to make to your approach this time? Any advice for first-timers?

MFA Spring 2022 30×30 Remix Challenge Announcement: April 1 -30