MFA Theme WAYWT Challenge Announcement: Relay Race 2022!

##The first submission thread will be posted **Thursday *02/17/2022 at 8:30 AM PT/11:30 AM ET*!**

If you post on Instagram and want a tag, use **#MFAthemeWAYWT** and **#MFARelayRace**

#Theme WAYWT

What is a theme WAYWT challenge?

Like our normal WAYWT threads , this is a chance to share your outfit with the added goal of focusing on a particular theme, concept or styling a particular piece.

#This Week’s Theme: Relay Race!

Users who wish to participate please comment below.

This theme challenge will span **five days total**. The schedule is:

> Thursday – 17 Feb 2022

> Sunday – 20 Feb 2022

> Tuesday – 22 Feb 2022

> Thursday – 24 Feb 2022

> Sunday – 27 Feb 2022

Tomorrow, I will randomize all participants and assign them their team members as well as their participation days. All of it will be listed in a public spreadsheet and I will personally give a DM reminder to each participant the day before they must submit their fit.

Some people may need to participate twice. If you’d like that opportunity, please let me know in your comment so I can try to make arrangements.

For the relay race, all you must do is take one piece of your previous team member’s fit and carry it over into your own. If you do not have the same exact piece, close enough is good enough! If even then the connection is a stretch, please let us know the connection in your comment.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

#Other Resources

– makes it very easy to view pictures in a thread.


– **Can anyone participate?**
Of course! We welcome anyone from long time lurkers to WAYWT vets to new subscribers. Stop by and share your outfit.

– **How do I take cool fit pics?**
A poor quality fit pic can ruin a fantastic outfit. You don’t need a fancy camera or professional photographer to capture your fit. Many Veteran Fit Pic-ists use their phone in a mug with some supports for their photos.

– **Does the fit pic have to be what I wore today?**
It doesn’t have to be what you wore exactly that day but preferably your outfit submission should be a new fit that for that week’s theme. Feel free share an recent pic or something you wore this week. Try to keep it recent and add a note if it’s older and on theme.

– **Can I submit more than one outfit?**
Sure, if you had a couple ideas or felt really inspired, feel free. You’re welcome to add a couple of extra older fits that match the theme, but don’t go overboard, and post a full 25-image inspo album!

– **Can I share my theme WAYWT in the regular M/W/F WAYWT threads?**
Go for it! We’re always looking for new members to join the fit pic community!

– **Did you steal most of this from Theme WAYWT’s on r/femalefashionadvice?**
Yes, I did. Her write ups are incredible and she has done an awesome job of hosting the theme WAYWT every Saturday. I highly recommend you participate there as well!

#Previous Themes


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MFA Theme WAYWT Challenge Announcement: Relay Race 2022!