Monthly WDYWT (Why Did You Wear That?) – Announcement

Hey everyone,

#This coming Thursday I’m going to be posting the Monthly **Why Did You Wear That?** Thread.

For the upcoming thread, pick a fit you liked recently and tag the Redditor who posted it. The original poster can either agree or disagree to explain why they put it together the way they did. **Please. Please, please include pictures.**

Here’s some things the original poster can discuss to help other’s understand their fit:

* What did you wear this for?
* What made you want to wear it?
* What influences or inspirations did you use to put it together?
* Why do you like it?
* Did you think it was successful?
* What would you change?
* Is this something you typically wear?
* Would you wear it again?

##WARNING:If you take this time to rip on anyones fit or say actually its bad you will earn a lil timeout

Monthly WDYWT (Why Did You Wear That?) – Announcement