My Honest PopFit Leggings Review

I bought PopFit Leggings this year around mid-April.

I chose Frankie and Lily in XL, full-length, and blue crosstitch bands on the Lily.

Not sure if I can post the site link, as I don’t want this post taken down.

I’m not comfortable posting pics of me in these, but my measurements are included.

Overall: A good buy. I highly recommend using the V.I.P program to get a second free pair, then cancelling, as advertised. $15 shipping for 2 pairs ain’t bad, especially when I usually get my jeans and leggings from Walmart for that price . I didn’t return these, so Idk what their return policy and process is like. I might take them up on their free shipping undies. Based on some of the wear after a month or so, I don’t think their worth $45-$50 as advertised, but they’re good. Especially for the pockets.


– I’ve gotten everyday, workout, and outing usage out of them.

– Versatile, slimming, sexy, comfortable, and cute.

– Nice, deep, sleek pockets.

– Overall, they come in a variety .

– Nice high-waist design/fit. Contours, but not too tight.

– True to size. , 14-16 with wide hips and a big butt. Feel free to use their sizing guide.)

– Compliments butt without giving fake contour and lift.

– Thick enough to not be transparent, but thin enough for breathability.


– Loud swishing sound. They’re not made out of a quiet material that I’ve gotten from Walmart or even secondhand LulaRoe leggings. These are more of a workout/swim/scuba-esque material.

– A little bit of crotch sag in the Frankie design. I just pull them up when this happens.

– Light seam pilling in knee design after a month-ish .

– Small hole in knee design after a month-ish .

Happy Shopping!

My Honest PopFit Leggings Review