Queer/Gender neutral clothing (for risk-averse people (or not?))

Hi everyone!

I wanted to bring this topic up, because after lots of research I noticed there is close to none information about clothing for people who are starting to explore and show their non-conforming identity, be it non binary, queer, asexual, gender neutral, etc.

*I know those are very different things and non-conforming clothing tends to be very personal and is supposed to show who you are without following any rules necessarily.*

The point is, I’ve been reading some tips or things that are generally accepted in this clothing style. Although sometimes there are contradictions, I have found:

* Wear baggy clothing for the upper part of the body
* Tight pants
* Neutral colors like black
* Explore usually feminine traits, like nail polish or make up.

My wish is that we can maybe come up with some sort of guide for people who want to change the way they express themselves through clothing and that **people who have gone through that process can help with their experiences.**

I feel that there are many questions left, like how to handle formal attires and work-related situations.

Sorry if I made any mistakes or was unrespectful in any way. Have a nice week everyone!

Queer/Gender neutral clothing (for risk-averse people (or not?))