# The Preamble:

I recently got a message from a friend reminding me that I wanted to write more reviews and totally dropped the ball. He’s right, it’s been a while, so best read the following as my new year’s resolution. I love this subreddit but I lurk too much, time to contribute a bit more.

Because everything they told us in Game of Thrones was true: once winter is here, it will last forever. That is certainly true for the UK, so maybe someone finds this helpful when picking up their next winter jacket.

So here we go and let’s start with the important things: I bought this jacket from for £822.88 . I actually did about a Tatras jacket here .

# The Backstory:

During lockdown, I changed my lifestyle drastically and lost quite a bit of weight. You might think I went keto or something but literally just stopped going to the pub. Instead of shouting at the screen during a football match, I found myself on long walks in the parks. A trip to the post office becomes one of the main reasons for putting an outfit together.

I feel like I skipped my 30s entirely. Anyhow, I spent a lot of money on plants and yet saved enough to replenish the wardrobe with stuff that fits.

Now, I don’t claim to be a super fashionable guy. I follow on Instagram and get roughly 23.5% of the references and jokes, so take my ramblings with a pinch of salt, but even I know that gorping is a thing. But you know, I would be lying if I told you that I bought this puffer jacket because I spent a lot of time on relevant subreddits. I did watch a lot of *Seinfeld* in 2021 and George Costanza’s fits are just spot on!

If you want to know how they made George look like the Michelin man wrapped in Goretex, might be handy. If you want to dive deeper into how Seinfeld predicted literally all contemporary fashion trends, is a good read IMO.

Having watched the episode *The Dinner Party* roughly 67 times, it dawned on me that I really want a new puffer jacket without necessarily going ***full George***. I am significantly taller and beefier than George. I wanted something that wasn’t shiny and potentially a bit less puffy. That is when I found the AGORDO jacket. If you want to read more about as a brand, my last review probably contains everything I know, I don’t really have anything new to report. They’re a Japanese brand with Italian influences and all their garments are made in Europe which ticks a lot of boxes for me.

# The Jacket

Now, it seems like the AGORDO is a jacket that Tatras keeps in their line-up, so fear not when you read this in the summer, they will likely bring it back next Winter. I thought it might be easiest if I just list some of the features here and then go into detail for the stuff that matters:

* Two-way zip fastening
* Waterproof black-tone hardware
* Removable drawstring hood
* Wool-lined pockets
* Outer fabric: 100% wool; lining: 100% nylon; filling: 90% down, 10?athers

The wool is really what sets this jacket apart from the competition, the Moncler’s and Canada Goose’s and whatever is out there. It is simply such a smooth material and the first puffer jacket where I didn’t feel like a walking crisp packet. I did a bit of research and found the manufacturer of the wool in Italy ) and they make fancy fabrics for suits in Italy since 1876 in a small town called Biella .

After wearing this jacket for the last two months, I can confirm it that is water repellen, stain-resistant, and wrinkle resistant. The latter really surprised and impressed me. This jacket kept me really warm in the northern parts of the UK and the jacket is so light… seriously, so light!

One thing that no picture can capture is how this jacket feels. It’s so a soft and luxurious to touch, reminds me of some Mackintosh coats I have that throw cashmere and silk in the mix, seriously a beautiful tactile experience!

However, no matter how amazing this fabric is, we have to address the elephant in the room: the black wool is a dust magnet. It’s very easy to brush it off, but if you have OCD when it comes to white fluff, this jacket means you will develop a very intimate relationship with your lint-remover .

The fit of this jacket is on the shorter side of things. In the past, I didn’t like that but the internet has worn me down: I think this look quite good. Even though it’s the kind of puffer jacket that I would have feared in the past for making me look like the michelin man, I have to say that this one is very slick and balanced.

# The Conclusion:

I own a lot of jackets. Friends would speak of an unhealthy amount of jackets. Yet, ever since I bought this jacket in December, I have constantly worn it. I have moved houses with this jacket, I’ve seen my parents for the first time in 2 years in this jacket, I wore this jacket to a lot of hospital appointments, and this is probably the jacket I wear when my first child is born. I know it’s a bit trite and cheesy but some garments become some sort of a memory capsule. This jacket is pricey but in my eyes well worth the money. It’s incredibly well built, uses seriously nice fabrics, feels quite timeless and, yeah, it looks quite premium. It’s this jacket that helps me staying on the right side of hobo-chic. If you care about ethical production, good design, and fine materials, tatras makes the kind of jacket that simply makes you look good when you are pointlessly starting at your phone :

All kidding aside, I really really love this jacket and I look forward to my next walk in the park…

EDIT: the jacket is called AGORDO, for some reason autocorrect changed it to ADORDO in the title and I can’t change that. Now, that’s not overly important but I happen to had researched what AGORDO means: It’s a small town close to Venice. So, dear reader, if you made it this far, it is fair to assume that you just learned a random fact that you can now use to impress people at dinner parties .