20$ and free ship!


When I was taking advantage of another offer on here, I realized was giving 20$ account credit and free shipping with new email account sign ups.

Go on, create an account, and then you can select to apply the credit to your purchase in 5$ increments.

For example, a 24.99 total order would allow 20$ in credit applied, and you’d pay 4.99$ for a pair of shoes, including tax and shipping.

An 18$ order would allow you to apply 15 in credit, so you can use 15$ and pay 3$ for shoes.

Shipping did take a little while for me, and the site doesn’t allow coupon stacking and rewards stacking, so if you want more expensive shoes, some of their codes are better deals, but this might help get a pair of cheap shoes!
Shipping/processing did take a few days to happen on my order, 20$ and free ship!