Should I ask for a refund?

This might be long, sorry.

I have had long hair for as long as I can remember. I’ve bleached it on and off since I was like 13, always with a professional.

For the last two years I’ve been getting my hair bleached red. It’s beautiful and I love it very much.

I went to a new salon last year. The first time Alex did my hair was perfect. I was in love with the colour and my hair felt nice. Fast forward to the next time she did my hair, something went wrong. The company they ordered the red dye changed their formula and she put high lift on my hair 3 times after bleaching because she couldn’t get the colour right, I think. I’m not actually sure. I was at the washing bowl sitting there and felt the burn of the ultra lift on my hair three times so I think that is what she did. When it was done it looked ok, a bit lighter than what I wanted but I was fine with it. I was actually charged more and she told me if I needed to cancel my next appointment to just reach out. It was weird.

I came home and after a few washes noticed hair my hair was shorter than the rest of my hair. I thought Olaplex was the problem. I read that it makes some peoples hair fall out. I was wrong. Alex left the salon last November and the owner, Kate started doing my hair.

After talking to her for awhile she admitted that Alex damaged my hair and she was sorry. She gave me a bunch of free products. I was willing to let it all go. Mistakes happen. She cut my hair so it was all an even length and we were just doing ultra lifts on my hair. I was very sad over my hair now being short but she reassured me we would get it back to how it was.

Then last week happened. I asked her if my hair could take being bleached since all the dead was cut off, she said yes, and we bleached my hair again. She bleached the already bleached ends to get them lighter. I didn’t think anything of it. My hair looked beautiful afterwards and I was in love. I thought it felt a bit dry at the ends but I chalked it up to me being hyper aware of my hair after everything.

That was until I washed it last night. The ends were stretchy, and if I pull too hard they break. I let it air dry, and even after putting K18 and Olaplex it is still so dry. You can see that it’s a dull colour compared to the top of my head. It looks so dry and feels dry. I am heartbroken. I had a breakdown over it last night. I asked Kate multiple times if my hair could take bleaching, and I was fine if it couldn’t. I asked her if my hair was ok when she was done bleaching it and she said it was. It is not. I have never, ever had my hair feel like this before in all my years of it being bleached. I paid $350 for this. $350 for dead hair that looks horrible after the first wash.

I messaged her telling her about how my hair was stretchy yesterday. She hasn’t responded. I am thinking about asking for a refund now. Am I right to do that? I have never had an experience like this at the hair dresser before.

For anyone wondering why I kept going after the first girl messed my hair up, I thought it would be ok since this is supposed to be one of the top hairdressing salons in my area. I am kicking myself for going back.

Should I ask for a refund?