SLP Wyatt Size Guide Update

There is an archived thread on this topic but I thought it was pretty inconclusive and it didn’t help me with regards to my boots. So I’ve decided to update it.

For context, I just bought a Suede Wyatt 40 in a 42.

I’m not great with shoes so I went to a local Cordwainer/Cobbler for them to check out the fit of my boots. I am writing this to impart the knowledge I gained to this group:

If you pinch the material of the vamp and it bunches, the shoe is too wide/big.

Your toes don’t always have to be at the end of the boot/shoes, this varies with toe-box shape.

– Wyatts accentuate into a point so your toes will never be at the end.


– The majority of comments on the last thread all said to size down on Wyatts because they stretch, especially for suede. This is not the case at all.

– Some people have wide feet, some people have narrow feet.

– If the length checks out and your foot isn’t slipping but you feel no pressure on the sides of your feet with Wyatts you just have narrow feet. Don’t size down.

– You may find the length still okay on a size down but the extent to which the boot will hug your feet is painful. This was my experience with a 41; my pinky toe felt like it was being cut up and it was constricting my feet.

– Most retailers will only stock full sizes. If they are telling you a full size down ‘will stretch’ but your closet full size was a tiny bit off in length because of the Wyatts pointy toe box but felt better in width, go with your closet full size.

People with wide feet

– For people with wide feet Wyatts will be tight on your foot with whatever size you get around your size. A size up from this will mean that they will be too big in length.

– You can either let your true size expand on your foot over time and suffer the pain or half size up from your tts.

– The first option is better in this case.

Ultimately buying from SLP directly or any site that does stock half sizes will be better as you can find the closest fit. However, in the context of places that don’t stock half sizes go with the size up from your TTS .

Final notes

I have stuck with my 42 as the place I bought from doesn’t offer half sizes. I am TTS 41.5 – 42 in most shoes and have narrow feet. The 41 was painful after 2 mins. If you have narrow feet don’t size down thinking they will stretch out. It will be unnecessarily painful.

There will also almost always be room between your toe and the end of the toe box with Wyatts simply because of how they are designed so don’t let that fool you.

Best advice for narrow feet people is to see if the material bunches in the vamp. If it doesn’t but at the same time the boot isn’t ridiculously hugging your foot, they fit fine. Half a size down could be better but the difference is negligible.

No boot/shoe will fit most people 100%

SLP Wyatt Size Guide Update