Stopping desire to seek male validation


I really need some help. I’m a woman who’s never had male validation and right now I’m really craving it.

For most of my life I listened to others that when I got older,men would be interested and to focus on my life. I focused on school, hobbies and my friendships and spent time with myself, which I really love to do. I socialised but the guys around me mostly ended up liking my friends and some would mention it to me. Im working on myself, I don’t have high self esteem but I’m improving, I try to take pictures of myself when I feel I look decent and give myself a compliment for self validation.

A lot of the time I’m good, I get on with my life but some days the sadness is overwhelming that ive never had a man give me compliments or interested in me. Never been with a man romantically or physically either. I’ve received compliments about my skills/achievements from men a few times but never physically or romantically and it’s really getting to me. It’s nice to receive compliments about who I am but it would be nice to have them about my looks too, especially those days I’ve made an effort . My friends complement me sometimes but I still desire it from a man and I really wish I didn’t. I leave the house feeling good and friends hype me up which feels nice but then the men around never are interested or talk/compliment my friends. I feel quite pathetic typing this and wanting this.

I just hate that I’m okay most of the time but then some days like today it’s overwhelming. At one point I felt the desire so much I considered finding a random man to send nudes to a man but body insecurities and talking myself out of it stopped me. Also knowing pictures get leaked. Besides I know what I actually want is genuine romantic affection. Are there any women who’ve gone there while life without male validation like me and been able to stop feeling sad about it completely.

Stopping desire to seek male validation