Whitewater Rafting Lady Tips?

I’m going whitewater rafting with my boyfriend’s family soon and while I have a list of recommended items to pack from the guide company, I figured some of you gals might have some experience and can dish out even more good info. I’ll give a little background and call out some specific things I’m worrying about, but any general advice or even gear recommendations are more than welcome. I’m super anxious, so I reeeeally appreciate anything y’all have to offer!

We’ll be rafting Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River in Utah for 5 days, and the trip itself is considered beginner to intermediate. We live out of state, but the guide company has basics for rent — mess set, tent, sleeping bags, dry bags. This is the bare minimum lol, but it definitely cuts down the amount of bulk we have to fly with.

Specific things I’m worrying about:

— I wear glasses, can’t see a thing without them. I’m planning to bring my old prescription sunglasses as backup. I also have a strap for my glasses that had a floaty on the end in case I drop them in the water.

— SPF/UV protection. Planning to bring a bunch of sunscreen, sunglasses, hat. But do you recommend also getting UV protection pants and long sleeve shirts? I don’t even know where to begin shopping for that kind of stuff.

— What if I start my period on the river? I hate the idea of bringing tampons and having to dispose of them so “publicly” in the group, but would a menstrual cup be even harder to deal with in private? I bought a cup for this purpose, but now I’m second guessing my choice.

— Is there a camp soap you like? Was just going to get some Dr Bronner’s and call it a day, but definitely open to suggestions.

— I have some open-toe Chaco hiking sandals that I LOVE, but my BF is saying we should get closed-toe water shoes AND hiking shoes. I feel like this will be too much? But I’m also a noob, help!

— We will be “off the grid” for the entire trip, no cell service to check on doggy daycare cams or talk to family. Any suggestions for how to actually let go and relax with that in mind?

Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any and all suggestions, tips, and virtual hugs. This is supposed to be a fun once-in-a-lifetime trip, and all I can do is stress!

Whitewater Rafting Lady Tips?