Wool/polyester blend in nicer blazers/suits

Edit 1: Poor choice of wording. By ‘nicer’ I mean not bottom rung which would usually have 40% poly, I’m aware it is certainly not a high end piece.

The consensus seems to be that 100% wool blazers/suits are superior to a wool/polyester blend, and the only reason to incorporate polyester is to cut costs.

But sometimes I see non-cheap blazers from reputable brands which have a small amount of polyester. I’m talking less than 10% polyester.

Take example from Vitale Barberis Canonico which I recently ordered. At full price it is £300 with 94% wool and 6% polyester. Surely adding 6% polyester would not save much in the way of costs, and they have not taken other cost saving measures like minimal fabric reserve and fused lining.

Personally I think this blazer feels high quality, but I’m concerned there may be something I’m not considering. Will it start to look a bit shiny after some wear? Will it not breath well?

Has anyone had good experiences with a wool/polyester blend?

Is there a legitimate reason to incorporate a small amount of polyester, other than cost cutting?

Edit 2:

is another one with RRP £300 made of wool, linen, and silk. And there are plenty in the <£200 range made of 100% wool.

Along with the fact it appears to be well constructed with hand stitching indicates to me that the reason for including polyester is probably not just to cut costs.

Wool/polyester blend in nicer blazers/suits